Yasmin Walter | Interview

March 22, 2015
Yasmin Walter
Yasmin Walter

Image taken by Kelvin Chong.

Yasmin Walter

Image taken by AJ Photos.

If you have not yet heard of her, you better hear of her now! This WA woman is taking the entrepreneur world by storm with her multi skillset of talent and ability to achieve her goals at all costs. A graduate of Morley Senior High School, having grew up in public housing with five other siblings all raised by her single mother, Yasmin has pushed through barriers after achieving success after success in her working career. She is an inspiring role model, an individual that gives hope to young women to become more than the average.
Now a mother to a beautiful baby girl, Yasmin is an owner and co-owner of several successful companies. One of which draws from her personal experience as a professional model for many years, is Model Camp Australia. I remember following her during her modelling days and even though her popularity grew, she was always so kind to talk to people she didn’t know or people who were big online fans of hers. Now she has evolved into a woman with determination and drive for successes beyond any model’s wildest dreams.  


Yasmin Walter

Image taken by Vanessa Gurung.


With a strong business mind, this WA mum could chose never to work again after selling part of her co-founded news and entertainment website to US based company Moko. Now the newest tech multi-millionaire tells us a bit about herself. 
Yasmin, please tell us about Model Camp Australia and it’s mission statement.
Model Camp Australia is a modelling academy with an attached agency. We strive to arm aspiring models with an industry standard portfolio and train them to have the business, safety and working skills to establish their career as a model. 
You’re an amazing woman with several businesses running. Can you tell us what other businesses you are a founder of?
Tagroom.com, which is the news and entertainment company for the social, mobile and visual age. We are one of the fastest growing online publishers in Australia and we have just sold 80% of our company to an American company, Moko
Minikinmania.com, this is a fun e-commerce store specialising in bobble heads for special occasions. We put your face on a doll. Well the polymer clay version anyways. 
I have also just signed a partnership with SASS Management & Que models, acting as WA’s representative for promotional, commercial, photographic and runway models. 
As an Australian woman entrepreneur, how do you manage everything? Especially with being a new parent to your beautiful baby girl? 
A very supportive husband ! Also my mum is a stone’s throw away. And time management. I have a to do list everyday and I don’t sleep until it’s all done. Even if that means breastfeeding in front of my computer screen. Multitasking. I am a woman after all haha! But balance is key. I try not to turn my computer on during the weekend, that’s family time. 
With your own experience as a professional model, what advice would you give to those who aspire to be a model?
In our course we cover an extensive theory session on safety in the industry. There are many “fake” photographers and many “naive” aspiring models. The best advice I can give is to do your research before engaging work and trust your instincts. Also, be prepared to hear the word no a lot. Rejection will punch your self esteem more often then not so step into this world with thick skin. 

Yasmin has been ever so kind to come forward with an idea, teaming up with many professionals in the industry as well as Veiled Beauty, we aim to deliver the very first ever Hijab Photoshoot experience. It will be one of the first kinds in Australia, a high profile fashion shoot catered for Muslim women, to empower them and enable them to embrace and embark on a journey of modest style and fashion in the industry today. Keep following us for more updates or register your interest and book your spot NOW at hello@modelcampaustralia.com.
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Thanks Yasmin for allowing me to interview you, cannot wait to see what the future holds for you and your successful businesses! We’ll definitely be in touch!

Thanks everyone for stopping by and reading!



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