July 18, 2016
VivaQueenBee, Missy-Lia, personal care, halal, beauty, hair care, cosmetics
Nowadays there are a lot of products and services committed to living a healthier, eco-friendly and natural lifestyle.

This covers nearly everything you can think of, starting from food and ranging right through to clothing, household products, skincare and beauty products as well as exercise and healthy eating. I have to admit, a healthier and simplistic lifestyle is very appealing as we grow older and more wiser. As a Muslimah, we also have to be conscious of products and services which are in line with our religious values as this remains within the confines of the lifestyle we choose to live.

Recently I am becoming more and more aware of alternatives to the way we live, what products and services are available for us that are different from the norm. As a mother, naturally we look for a better way of living, a healthier way of living and trying to utilise better products in the household not only for ourselves but also for our children. We tend to steer away from harmful chemicals and try to avoid certain products that can be detrimental to one’s health and lifestyle. Though consciously I don’t think I ever thought it thoroughly when it came to cosmetics, skin care and hair care products we use on a daily basis. You always hear these types of products being eco-friendly and vegetarian, though as a Muslimah do we actively seek products that are halal as well? When we think of “halal,” immediately food comes to mind when really halal covers everything that is “permitted.”

When reading the ingredients on a food label, we can mostly figure out what is actually contained in the foods we choose to eat. However, some items we have no idea what they truly are derived from as we do not understand some of the jargon used. So imagine what is listed on the label of certain cosmetic products. Do we truly understand what is in our cosmetics, personal care, skin care and hair care products? It was something I had at the back of my mind, you don’t really think about whether those products are halal until it is presented right in front of you. If you think about it, some ingredients in these everyday products we use can be animal derived making it a big possibility of it not being halal. This is why there is a market for vegetarian products and this in turn also helps to cater to a halal market too. For those who seek vegan, natural and vegetarian products that are ethically sourced and environmentally safe, know that these types of products are also what classifies a halal product too. Therefore, if a product is halal than most likely it has the listed attributes of being vegan, vegetarian, paraben free and SLES/ALES free.

VivaQueenBee, Missy-Lia, personal care, halal, beauty, hair care, cosmetics

Elina (left), Azrina (middle) and Farah Nurha (right)


VivaQueenBee is an online beauty and personal care shop that provides a range of 100% vegetarian and halal products. It’s aim is to provide the experience of “shopping with peace of mind” for Muslims globally, though I can also see this catering for others who are non-Muslim as well, purely because of the products they stock appeal to those who seek a better, eco-friendly and healthier alternative. The shift in products and services in the cosmetic industry has helped to market such products to the wide majority. VivaQueenBee recently have stocked products from Jessica Alba’s The Honest Company as this meets their high quality standards of personal, health and beauty products sourced. Not only does VivaQueenBee stock amazing products, they also make it their mission to help educate their customers to make informed decisions when it comes to choosing products themselves.

Having a “one stop shop” platform to buy all your essential daily products makes it easy to purchase with peace of mind knowing the research has been done to ensure they are halal and free of harmful chemicals.

Being conscious of ensuring our products are halal and safe for personal usage is essential to me and it is extremely exciting to have an online shop that caters to exactly that. Think of all the products you use on a daily basis – are they all halal? Now think of gifting yourself and your loved ones with halal products that are 100% vegetarian and not dangerous to use. That alone speaks volumes. So next time you’re at the shops and wondering whether you should purchase an item, before you buy think of VivaQueenBee. Not only can you shop from the comfort of your own home, but you can always ensure you are buying products which are guaranteed to be halal, vegan, vegetarian and chemical free without the hassle of questioning it yourself.

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