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April 1, 2015
What is Culture? ‘The ideas, customs, and social behaviour of a particular people or society.’
Being of a mixed race background, namely Malaysian, Chinese, Indonesian, Sri Lankan and Dutch, my primary influence on what I am comes from culture. 

From a very young age I was and still am largely influenced by culture. From the Western culture I was born into and grew up in within Australia, to the heritage I draw back from generations and generations before me. Culture makes up part of who we are, it individualises us yet collectively groups us with others who share the same or similar aspects of our cultures.

“Tulyss is a fashion shoe design house that aims to showcase the wonderful traditional art, defined by generations of cultural heritage, into the modern couture. Cultural textiles such as batik and songket, represent generations of refinement, passed through from one elder to the young, moves through the ages from past to present, is an art and couture by itself.”

The main focus of the emerging designer label Tulyss is to repackage cultural textiles into modern items that can be used and be versatile in every woman’s wardrobe. Cultural and traditional does not been old, unfashionable, drab and boring. Many cultural textiles are actually the complete opposite, vibrant, colourful and exciting. Initially focusing on Batik or Songket derived from Indonesia and Malaysia, the idea of rediscovering a cultural symbolism and redefining it to meet modernisation and cultivation of the traditional art, excites all those who are involved. Whether that may be the designer, the marketer, the director through to the customer.

Tulyss, wedges, heels Tulyss, wedges, shoes
 Tulyss, heels Tulyss, heelsTulyss, heels, shoesMawar, Tulyss, heels Mawar, Tulyss, heelsAlyssum, Tulyss, heelsAlyssum, Tulyss, heelsAlstromeria, heels, Tulyss, shoes heels, Tulyss, shoesshoes, heels, Tulyss
(All images taken by Premillume Photography)

Diversity should always be celebrated. Predominantly and naturally you want to share for others to embrace what you know and love. Through this, it has now lead me to where I am and what I am a part of. I am humbly grateful for the opportunity to be part of the new fashion shoe label in Perth, Western Australia as well as in Malaysia, as the Marketing Director. When approached by Alisa back in November last year, one of the designers of the fashion label, I was ecstatic to take on this opportunity. Not everyday you are asked to do something you love! I jumped at the opportunity and as you can see, I was also part of the creative team as a model for the first lookbook campaign which was very successful. To date, one of the most exciting events that Tulyss has been a part of was the Malaysian International Shoe Festival and for some our team to showcase and expose to Professor Datuk Jimmy Choo, the guru in the fashion shoe industry, Tulyss’ label. (Check out our Facebook page for more details at and don’t forget to give us a ‘like.’) I am excited for where Tulyss will go in the future and love being part of the journey. Let’s celebrate cultural diversity by embracing emerging labels such as Tulyss.

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