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November 25, 2015
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I have fallen in love with an Instagram feed that shares all the beautiful things I love in one; photography, gowns, designer dresses, bridal couture, weddings, flowers, lace and modesty. 
The Modest Bride (TMB) has been one of my favourite Instagram feeds for a while now and each day I find inspiration in the posts that are uploaded by it’s editor, Saltanat. Her website and feeds all have been “borne out of the musings of a girl who dreams of an unpretentious beauty in line with deeply rooted values.” Her work aims to speak to those who are planning their big day, inspiring and sourcing the best vendors for the perfect, stylish yet modest wedding.

I relate so strongly to the purpose behind her work, the ever occurring struggle to keep it modest as well as remaining undeniably beautiful, fashionable and modern not only for the big day but each and every day afterwards. For me already being married, I find that TMB speaks to the inner child in me who dreamt of being the princess in castles, having the dream wedding with all the final touches and beauty that goes into the details, the thought and simplicity of what makes a wedding unique and beautiful in it’s own right.

I knew it was time I took a leap of faith hoping the editor would spare some time for me to interview her. To my delight, Saltanat was happy to be featured on my blog as well as share a bit about herself. Read further and get to know Saltanat, Editor of TMB.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?
I love vintage weddings. I love the nostalgia of the gowns. The beauty in their simplicity and their grandeur and their uniqueness. Many modern designers inspire me such as Valentino (of course!), Giambattista Valli, Alexander McQueen, The Row… Beyond that, I’m entirely inspired by a sense of romanticism that exists in the world around us- in rolling green hills, golden wheat fields, shadows of ancient trees, awe-inspiring arches of wisteria… I prefer a natural aesthetic as opposed to an overly staged look.

Why did you create The Modest Bride?
I started The Modest Bride because I wanted to create a source of inspiration for brides who try to maintain a sense of modesty on their wedding day – but I wanted to extend and expand the definition of modesty beyond simply how one would dress. I wanted to explore the idea that modesty should be a defining consideration in every choice that we make in planning a wedding- from the flowers, to invitations, to the type of wedding we have. The idea was to promote modesty as the opposite of the extravagance that is traditionally associated with weddings and to show that a simple, unique, eco-conscious wedding could be just as beautiful and much more meaningful.

I’m currently working on my next direction! Brainstorming and formulating lots of different directions to take my blogging career 🙂 

Favourite place to escape to is my home. 

Something you may not know about me is I can play the violin. I used to be a high school English Teacher. And I don’t like coffee. 😀 

Favourite book is Purification of the Heart- Shaykh Hamza Yusuf.

You tackled your first editorial ‘Blush Ambition.’ Can you tell us why you chose to do this editorial and how you formulated it?
‘Blush Ambition’ came from a creative place, the desire to bring to life the visions I had of what a modest, evening look entailed. I share so many images on my Instagram, but the majority of them did not fully conform to my notion of modesty, but modest designers didn’t exactly create photoshoots that I envisioned either. I really wanted to create beautiful images of women who wore the headscarf, to create something fresh, something original, something that would stir emotions in the viewer, to see the beauty and the simplicity of being modest. 

You sure nailed the ‘Blush Ambition’ editorial, it spoke to many including myself.
Can you tell me where your motivation comes from?

Being a mother of two, sometimes that motivation is hard to find if I’m honest. But I really do love the beauty in what I do, and more importantly, I believe that what I do is useful, necessary and significant. The purpose of The Modest Bride is not to simply share beautiful style, but to dig deeper and think about what beauty means, what modesty means, and how we can ensure that certain holistic values do not go astray on our wedding day- an important step we take in our lives that significantly alters ourselves, and many other people’s lives. 

TMB is dedicated to inspiring the uber stylish, yet demure bride. The one who understands that the wedding is a celebration of a significant change in the course of her life, one that will ultimately bring much happiness, teach much wisdom, and initiate boundless love. 

What is your next planned direction for The Modest Bride?
I’d love to offer styling services, do more editorial shoots and collaborations, and most importantly, engage with the community of followers. 

Thank you Saltanat for allowing me to interview you for my blog as well as feature your work here. The ‘Blush Ambition’ editorial mentioned cannot be explained in merely just words, you can only understand the beauty that forms this collaboration through the images which were captured and shared. Personally, I have fallen in love with this editorial encapsulating the very essence of what makes The Modest Bride what it is. So here, we celebrate what makes TMB what it is and share just the start of the amazing journey that forms the platform of where TMB stems from.

 the modest bride, editorial, bride, modesty, hijab, scarf the modest bride, editorial, bride, modesty, hijab, scarfthe modest bride, editorial, bride, modesty, hijab, scarf the modest bride, editorial, bride, modesty, hijab, scarf the modest bride, editorial, bride, modesty, hijab, scarf the modest bride, editorial, bride, modesty, hijab, scarf the modest bride, editorial, bride, modesty, hijab, scarf    themodestbride 7 themodestbride 8 themodestbride 9

Creative Director and Flowers: Saltanat (Editor of The Modest Bride)

Hijab Styling: Subhi Bora (sister of Saltanat)
Dress: Blush Evening Gown from Inayah
Make Up Artist: Sumaya Manor
Model: Intezar

All images courtesy of Lahza Photography.
View more images here.

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