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The Beauty That Is ‘Mother’

May 10, 2015
Davvero Cafe, Missy-Lia, my kids, Mastura Koelmeyer

I have been meaning to write about being a mother, about the trials and tribulations us mothers go through on a daily basis and how different the perspective of life becomes when you become a mother. What better way than to write about it all on Mother’s Day, celebrating the amazing phenomenon that is Motherhood.

But today is not only Mother’s Day for me… It is an extra special day. This year, 2015, Mother’s Day falls on the same date as my birthday. To top it all off, I was born on my Daddy’s birthday which also happens to be the very same date, month and year that my father in law was born. How spun out is that huh? Apart from sharing my birthday each year with the fatherly role models who have a big influence in my life to date, today I also share Mother’s Day with the two most influential mothers who mean the most to me.

My mother is a strong woman, always determined, never fails to achieve even at her tender age and has always been destined for good things. There is nothing and I mean nothing that I could ever do to repay her for everything she and my father have ever done for me. Not only for me but also for my brothers. I am sure a lot of children will feel the same for their mother as well. She makes me so proud to be her daughter, no matter how many times we argue or how many times I dissatisfy her or make her upset, she will always go out of her way to make sure I am lead in the right direction. Never has she let go of my hand and stopped loving and caring for me and this is even more apparent now that I too have children. They say paradise lies at your mother’s feet, meaning that without pleasing, loving, respecting and caring for your mother satisfactorily, you won’t enter paradise. I try to stand by this everyday, at times it is hard, we are human after all. Although, I hope I please her more than I upset her.

Being married means I am also blessed with another beautiful mother. My mother in law has been one of the biggest blessings in my life. She is like my good friend that I can talk to and turn to whenever I need. She is understanding and always so loving and caring towards me and my children. Being a full time worker, my mother in law has gone above and beyond. We don’t expect anything of her and yet she always does so much more than we could have imagined. I really don’t know what we’d do without her and for that, we’re ever thankful for.

I am so lucky to have two amazing fathers in my life and two beautiful mothers as well. But nothing makes you more appreciative of your parents until you have your own children… And I am so very lucky to be blessed with my two children, they are my life. My everything.

Being a mother has shaped me to learn about the world and view it in another perspective. Through the lenses of my children’s eyes, I see the magic and carefree life they have, the beauty in the everyday. Especially when I have had a long or hard day at work, coming home to their smiles, their hugs, their warm cuddles and multiple kisses, it makes all the stress and tiredness from the adult world disappear long enough to calm my heart and mind, to enjoy their stories and conversations before they go to bed. Everything is better when I see my children light up to see me, no matter how horrible or unattractive I look or feel. It gives me hope, the stability, drive and motivation to work hard to provide for them, to get up every day and give them the best I can give them, making me give the best I can be to the world at the same time. They are my inspiration and my world revolves around them.

In the coming posts, I aim to write more about Motherhood but for now, here are my two beautiful children who were snapped today after our Mother’s Day and Birthday breakfast at Davvero Caffe e Cucina. I will also post about their amazing caffe and food very soon as well.

Davvero Cafe, Missy-Lia, my kids, Mastura Koelmeyer Davvero Cafe, Missy-Lia, my kids, Mastura Koelmeyer To all the beautiful Mothers out there, you all are AMAZING. Don’t ever forget that…
Mother's Day


M xx

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