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January 29, 2015

So I was sayin’… Creativity, right? (Refer to my previous post if you haven’t read it already.And I have to admit, I use to not care what I looked like when I was younger. I was quite a tomboy and you would see me running around in the basketball courts with shorts on, hair in a ponytail and my school shirt on playing basketball with some guy friends.

Fashion is a development of that creativity I grew up with over the years.


But one of my greatest issues that I struggled with when I started to wear a hijab was, 

“How do I make myself look fashionable yet Islamically appropriate?” 

I could never find anything that would suit my attire. I had to overlay so many items to ensure I was covered and it looked just okay, not amazing. I went from not wearing a scarf to wearing a hijab full time and I still have items in my wardrobe that I am slowly trying to get rid of or “hijabify.” It is and always will be a constant struggle to get it right. I know I personally don’t always get it right but I am working towards it and I want to share all my experiences with those who want to learn how to do things in a different or new way. Who knows, maybe I can learn something from you!

Finding staple items for your wardrobe is one of the key elements to making an outfit work, especially for a Hijabi. Trying to find a skirt that is not see through or has a split in it, a top that is not too sheer, a shirt that hasn’t got a low cut neckline and is long enough to cover your bottom, a pair of pants that is not tight fitting, a dress non-figure hugging. I could go on about how the items are not always catered to Muslimahs like us who wear the hijab. A hijabi has to put in twice as much effort than a non-Hijabi to ensure we are dressing appropriately, yet of course fashionably as well. And that is what gets lost in context sometimes, the outfit that makes you think, “Why even?” That’s when you know that it can go horribly wrong! 

Have you ever heard of modest fashion? Or modest street fashion? It is THE NEW CRAZE! Well for many Muslimahs around the world such as myself. As part of my love for fashion, I want to be able to give inspiration to the sisters out there or anyone who wants to be modest, yet fashionable. I want to give an insight for those who know only a certain way to wear a hijab or scarf, for those who are new to Islam and are learning new ways to wear a scarf that suits their face and comfortability, those who want to ensure their clothing is in accordance with religious recommendations but also want to be stylish and funky at the same time.

We don’t have to wear all black everythaang and be non fashionable.

It also helps to build awareness to the diverse community we live in who may not understand or know much of our religion, showing others that we can be trendy and fashionable as well as donning our hijabs

So here, I look to share my ideas of what makes a modest outfit, what I consider good Hijabi fashion and what can be incorporated into a Hijabi look, right from street styles to runways and magazines or from the internet. I will also try my best to include current trends, timeless items and must haves in your wardrobe, not only for Hijabi’s but anyone who has a passion for fashion! Insyallah… (God willing) 
Although this blog will also hold everything that makes up my life, it will be a lifestyle blog as well. You’ll read and hear stories of myself and my experiences, I’ll speak to and share local creatives, I’ll share my creative loves, ideas and snippets of what I get up to along with bits and pieces of everything that makes my life whole. Namely, my family, my kids, maybe a bit about my husband and what I love to do! So follow me on my adventures, learn more about me and my little antics. I hope you come visit again! 
Thanks for reading! 


M xx

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