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Quick & Easy Chicken Congee

July 28, 2016
chicken congee, bubur, bubur ayam, traditional, malay, cuisine, makan, sedap

Do you have any “go to” recipes you know off the top of your head that are easy to cook and quick to prepare? This is one of mine. Have you ever heard or had congee? We call it bubur in Malay and similarly in Indonesian. It is a silky, savoury rice porridge, a simplistic dish which can be easily altered to ones taste. Congee is comfort food whereby you simmer a small amount of rice in a large amount…

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Tulyss | From Culture to Couture

April 1, 2015

What is Culture? ‘The ideas, customs, and social behaviour of a particular people or society.’ Being of a mixed race background, namely Malaysian, Chinese, Indonesian, Sri Lankan and Dutch, my primary influence on what I am comes from culture.  From a very young age I was and still am largely influenced by culture. From the Western culture I was born into and grew up in within Australia, to the heritage I draw back from generations and generations before me. Culture…

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