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Baby Spa Perth

November 20, 2016
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When you think of “first in Australia,” what usually springs to mind is it is most likely located in one of the Eastern States. I am sure many Perthians would agree that major events happen on the other side of Australia before it reaches us here on the West side and frankly we are tired of being left til last. But when “Australia’s first Baby Spa” opened in Perth for the very first time, many around Australia finally shared the…

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TPFF 2016: Future Runway

October 6, 2016
ryan ammon, photographer, tpff, telstra perth fashion festival, runway, future runway, young designers, graduates, students, fashion, silhouettes, designer, missylia, blogger, Perth, fashion blogger, Perth fashion blogger

An evening that enables talented new creatives to display their edgy and style defined designs is Telstra Perth Fashion Festival 2016’s Future Runway. To be able to showcase your work on Perth’s biggest fashion event platform is an honour for many designers though extremely celebratory for the young designers from Western Australia’s leading fashion schools. Offering  an original and bold statement on the runway, the catwalk was executed in a way that enthralled the audience. Perth’s upcoming young designers that…

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TPFF 2016 : International Runway – Whole 9 Yards

September 29, 2016
whole 9 yards, ryan ammon, photographer, tpff, telstra perth fashion festival, feminine, runway, fashion, silhouettes, designer, Daniel Ngoo, missylia, blogger, Perth, fashion blogger

Proud to be able to have an International Runway showcase each year, Telstra Perth Fashion Festival implored Singapore designer Daniel Ngoo to debut his SS17 collection from his label Whole 9 Yards. Uncommon within the sphere of Perth’s fashion scene, the unveiling of an unseen collection mesmerised the flock and revitalised the senses much to the desire of wanting to have one of each designer piece from the collection. The pieces proved to be somewhat refreshing as the audience awed…

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Telstra Perth Fashion Festival 2016

September 26, 2016
model, jennifer hawkins, ryan ammon, photographer, tpff, telstra perth fashion festival, runway, young designers, designer, missylia, blogger, Perth, fashion blogger, Perth fashion blogger

The rundown on the runway action. 2016 marked one of the best Telstra Perth Fashion Festivals and proved to be another momentous occasion for Perth’s fashion scene. This year the incredible line up of local, national and international designer talent transformed Western Australia into a hub of excitement and into a new found realm of runway delivery. As the fashion forward goers flocked to Fashion Paramount, the buzz filled the air with anticipation of what was about to grace the…

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#empoweredsoul Campaign

August 31, 2016
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 I AM A CONFIDENT MUSLIMAH AND I AM NOT OPPRESSED. I AM AN #EMPOWEREDSOUL With so much calamity, distress and upset in the world today, we sometimes forget and live in a bubble oblivious to that which does not effect anyone else but ourselves. We become selfish. Some enjoin in broadening the gap between people by highlighting their differences instead of looking into that of which we share or are similar. Though in reality, we are all human. None are…

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