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Cinderella’s Secrets : Once Upon A View

November 25, 2016
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Stories with an underlying message are stories that are beneficial not only to young children but also to adults who help convey that message to their children though these stories. Over several weeks, my daughter and myself have been reading a book named ‘Cinderella’s Secrets : The Untold Story of Ella.’ This book is part of a series called, ‘Once Upon a View,’ whereby classic stories are retold in a way that is relatable to us all. The series figuratively…

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Queen of Luna

August 9, 2016
Hunchback of Notre Dame, Esmeralda, Disney, Princess, Queen of Luna, Saraswati, Missy-Lia

With over 310,000 followers on Instagram, a Malaysian makeup artist has captured the attention of many thousands of people around the globe. Uniquely utilising her hijab as another means to recreate herself to help her transform into popular Disney princesses, superheroes and villains, she is making her mark in history. Talented and skilled at her craft, this makeup artist who goes by the name ‘Queen of Luna’ on Instagram is a self-confessed ‘comic geek’ and ‘Disnerd.’ The woman behind this…

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Alice Through The Looking Glass

May 24, 2016

As all of Perth’s attendees flocked to Event Cinemas Innaloo to premiere Disney‘s “Alice Through The Looking Glass” last night, the magic filled the air. I was lucky enough to be amongst the first in Perth to witness Disney’s newest creation, packed with gorgeous imagery, the follow-up to Tim Burton’s 2010 movie, ‘Alice in Wonderland’ shows off work from VFX vendors Double Negative and Sony Pictures Imageworks. As my plus one, I brought Girlfriend along though didn’t tell her anything about…

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