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August 31, 2015
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I’ve been quite out of action lately, life has taken over as usual. I actually cannot believe it is the end of August already and the last time I blogged was back in May!

Firstly, it could be the lack of motivation I’ve been experiencing lately. The cold doesn’t help, I tend to want to hibernate when it gets cold and rainy. I don’t even care how I dress or look like. I pack on several layers to keep the cold out. Ramadhan, the Islamic fasting month, came and gone faster than I can remember as well as Eid, the big celebration afterwards. Ramadhan was a month to slow down and concentrate on my iman/faith. I did however put my efforts into the second year of collection for my water well project. I am very happy to advise that four of the five water wells donated last Ramadhan have been built and completed. This year I have collected enough to build a well in Kyrgyzstan as well as another well in Bangladesh. It humbles me to know there are so many people out there who are generous enough to donate towards others having a basic survival necessity, water. Water is the number one drink I have daily and just thinking about being without it actually scares me. How dehydrated and thirsty would you be without water? Yet, we here in first world countries take things like water for granted. We joke about first world problems, yet when we actually think and look at others who are suffering in third world countries in poverty and scarcity, it makes you wonder and question what you could do better.

The last few months have flew past and I found myself in a blogging rut. Being so new to this, I thought it was very early to be feeling this way but I wasn’t sure which direction to take or what to do next. The water well project in the last two years showed me I can do things if I put enough effort towards it… and there needs to be an underlying reason to it all. It may not come quickly and easily as I’d like but what can I do better to make it successful? Is this really for me? Why am I doing this?

It sounds like a whole lot of excuses doesn’t it? I think I took time out to refocus and realign my vision in where I wanted my blog to be and how it is to be viewed. Initially when I started, I didn’t realise the amount of work that goes into each post, all the thought and application required to formulate each topic, how hard it was to get out to take photos, not to mention the editing of those images. I needed to get my flow and formulation right and with everything I had on at the time, it was time to decide what was more worth my time and prioritise. Of course, family has and always will be my number one priority… that alone takes up lots of my time but somewhere in that mix, there needs to be time I allocate to myself. That is the trouble with me, I do so much and I give up because I am doing too much without thinking about what I want to do for myself. Finding the balance is the hardest thing, especially when you have two kids (one in school) and a full time job chucked into the mix for good measure. In all honesty, I got to the point where each day I think to myself, “I am going to post that tonight,” but after we have done the whole weekday routine and I finally have time to sit down, I literally am exhausted that I fall asleep at my computer. All the worldly commitments and pressures just makes me feel like I CBF.

But it’s my creative outlet. I enjoy it and that’s all it should be. It shouldn’t feel like a chore and I shouldn’t feel bad if I am AWOL for a while because life gets busy. Life is what it is and you just got to do what you got to do. Whatever works, just try it and if you like it, keep going. Reality is, social media doesn’t always show or share the negative things in life and this could be detrimental to not only ourselves but also others. It’s OK to find yourself in a rut sometimes, but it’s about how you pick yourself back up, dust yourself off and how you keep on going. It’s time to keep going. So here I am, refocused and ready to take the next step. Let’s do this!
Thanks for reading!


M xx

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  • Reply Finola Loreto-Koelmeyer September 2, 2015 at 8:53 AM

    It happens to everyone – beginners and experienced. Maybe you needed that break and soon you'll be spewing blogs!

  • Reply missylia September 8, 2015 at 12:02 AM

    Thanks sis! I think with everything it just takes time, motivation and hard work to pay off. 😉

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