Queen of Luna

August 9, 2016
Hunchback of Notre Dame, Esmeralda, Disney, Princess, Queen of Luna, Saraswati, Missy-Lia

With over 310,000 followers on Instagram, a Malaysian makeup artist has captured the attention of many thousands of people around the globe. Uniquely utilising her hijab as another means to recreate herself to help her transform into popular Disney princesses, superheroes and villains, she is making her mark in history. Talented and skilled at her craft, this makeup artist who goes by the name ‘Queen of Luna’ on Instagram is a self-confessed ‘comic geek’ and ‘Disnerd.’

The woman behind this incredible Instagram account goes by the name Saraswati. She has shared over 300 looks, all recreations of different cartoons and heroes including The Little Mermaid, Belle, Alice in Wonderland, Jasmine, Iron Man, The Joker and Jafar from Aladdin. Her fame grew as she started to recreate more looks, females relating to her through their favourite Disney princess characters and others acknowledging her talent through the superheroes and villains she transforms herself into. She pulls off the most incredible looks with her skilful makeup application as well as app techniques.

Spiderman, Marvel, Queen of Luna, Saraswati, Missy-LiaStorm, Pop Art, X-men, Queen of Luna, Saraswati, Missy-LiaAladdin, Jasmine, Disney, Princess, Queen of Luna, Saraswati, Missy-Lia Mulan, Disney, Princess, Queen of Luna, Saraswati, Missy-LiaMaleficent, Disney, Princess, Queen of Luna, Saraswati, Missy-Lia Pocahontas, Disney, Princess, Queen of Luna, Saraswati, Missy-Lia Beauty, Beauty and the Beast, Disney, Princess, Queen of Luna, Saraswati, Missy-Lia The Little Mermaid, Ariel, Disney, Princess, Queen of Luna, Saraswati, Missy-LiaSubzero, Mortal Kombat, Queen of Luna, Saraswati, Missy-Lia Alice, Alice in Wonderland, Disney, Princess, Queen of Luna, Saraswati, Missy-LiaCruela Elsa Ironman Jafaar

I was lucky enough to be able to ask Saraswati a few questions, enabling us to get to know the true person behind her makeup, recreations and transformations.

Mastura: What made you pursue a career as a makeup artist?
Saraswati: Makeup is my passion. I love turning myself into my favourite characters. It makes me feel like I’m in a fantasy world haha.

M: When did you decide to start to recreate yourself as different Disney characters, superheroes and villains? 
S: It started in 2008. When I saw the movie The Dark Knight. I was greatly inspired to do the Joker makeup. I shared it on Myspace and Facebook and surprisingly my friends liked it. After I shared my Joker look on social medias, my friends since then started requesting other characters including Disney princesses and villains. And in 2009, I discovered Promise Tamang on YouTube. I was so inspired by her. So my passion for makeup had grown since then.

M: Which one of the transformations you’ve completed so far is your favourite?
S: I think my favourite look so far is the Lycan (werewolf) makeup.

M: What are your thoughts on hijab?
S: Hijab is a preservation of a Muslim woman’s modesty (hijab = covering the hair and body modestly) It’s a commitment we make to God (like Christian nuns). The whole concept behind the head covering is a sacrificial act to God but it’s justified in a way that protects us in the long run anyway.

M: Do you draw negative attention from your recreations?
S: Yes I do from both bigots and self righteous Muslims. But I really don’t have enough time for negative people.

M: What do you do outside of your career as a makeup artist and outside of transforming yourself into characters?
S: Well I’m a mother of two beautiful sons. Just like any other parents, I’m always busy parenting and raising my kids.

M: What is your favourite past time?
S: My favourite past time is drawing.

M: What is your ultimate favourite movie/book?
S: My favourite movie would be The Sixth Sense. It’s really well written and the actors played brilliantly. My favourite book would definitely have to be The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien.

M: Who is your most favourite Disney character?
S: My most favourite Disney character would be Merida. I love that she’s independent and brave. Every girl should be like her.

M: What is your dream?
S: My dream is to have a bridal shop someday. God willing. Also I hope one day, Disney will make a hijabi Disney princess. 😉

Her latest transformation is Rapunzel from Tangled.

Tangled, Rapunzel, Disney, Princess, Queen of Luna, Saraswati, Missy-Lia

‘Queen of Luna’ has recreated herself into this Disney character exclusively for this post about her. When approaching “famous” people, or “Insta-famous” people for that matter, I love it when you find they are so down to Earth and Saraswati was ever so kind to recreate this look purposely for this article. Thank you for allowing me to share your creativity with my readers Sara! (Don’t forget to follow her by clicking on any of the images on this post.)

Thanks for reading!!


M xx

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