Building A Water Well This Ramadhan 2014

March 12, 2015

Last year during Ramadhan, the annual fasting month for many Muslims around the world, I decided to do something I have never done before. I was inspired by an old high school friend of mine to go over and above anything I have done during Ramadhan. You see, Ramadhan isn’t just about fasting from food, it is about self restraint and self control, from swearing, from indulging, from backbiting, from engaging in disagreements… These are the very few forms of fasting during Ramadhan, as well as giving and providing to those less fortunate to us. Charity, even by a given smile. Islam encourages us to give.

I decided to take it upon myself, challenge myself to try and collect enough money to build a water well in a country less fortunate than us here in Australia. I came across a reputable charity that specialised in exactly what I wanted to raise money towards. Human Appeal International Australia (HAI) is a charitable, humanitarian, and non-governmental organisation (NGO) that was established in 1984. With the available information about HAI’s projects, it gave me a clear indication on what I needed to raise. The minimum I was required to raise to build a water well, was $500.00! So I decided to try and raise enough for the one well during Ramadhan. 

The campaign was called, “Building A Water Well This Ramadhan 2014,” and it was just a Facebook event open to the public. What I wasn’t prepared for though, was the amount of people who I inspired and who shared their stories with me, people I do not know but yet have impacted on. It was a learning curve I experienced for myself and I have a strong feeling I will be doing something similar this year during Ramadhan again, God willing. I was blessed to be able to have people trust me enough to collect their funds to put towards the water well. I was surprised how many people acknowledged this good cause, not only Muslims but non-Muslims as well. In total, the amount raised was $5,540.87.

Water DrinkingThe total amount raised was enough to build a total of 6 water wells!! More than I had ever anticipated. There are some generous souls out there. 4 were to be built in Bangladesh, 1 in Kyrgyzstan and 1 in Afghanistan. All these wells costs vary depending on where in the world they are located. They are still yet to be built, but we are waiting patiently to hear back from Human Appeal International Australia as it can take up to a whole year to build in certain countries due to severe weather which can impact the digging of the well

All in all the campaign was a success! But one thing I will never forget are the few people who personally messaged me, as they made me realise the true blessings behind this cause. Stay tuned to find out who was one of these people who messaged me. 


M xx

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